A Revolutionary Way to Manage Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

A medical device used to help patients through opioid withdrawal and transition them to longer term treatment.

Introducing S.T. Genesis

A noninvasive treatment to manage opioid withdrawal symptoms

Our FDA-cleared Percutaneous Nerve Field Stimulator (PNFS) supports the reduction of opioid withdrawal symptoms by targeting the areas of the brain responsible for pain and anxiety. The lightweight device is applied to the outer ear and administers treatment for 120 hours (5 days) helping the patient during the most critical time as they reduce or stop opioid use.

S.T. Genesis Video Spotlight: Helping Patients in Recovery

S.T. Genesis Video Spotlight: How to Use

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Our executive team is comprised of experienced healthcare providers and executives who have successfully brought leading drug therapeutics and clinical decision-making technologies to the forefront.

Sal J. Rafanelli, RPh


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