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Effectively Manage Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms
Speranza Therapeutics S.T. Genesis is an FDA-cleared medical device that reduces the physical and emotional strain of withdrawal experienced by those suffering from opioid use disorder. Utilizing neurostimulation treatment, it reduces opioid withdrawal symptoms by targeting the areas of the brain responsible for pain and anxiety.

The noninvasive, non-surgical, drug-free device is easily applied to the ear by a healthcare provider and administers treatment for 5 days helping the patient during the most critical time as they stop opioid use. S.T. Genesis has proven clinical efficacy in reducing opioid withdrawal symptoms by up to 93% within the first hour, most occurring within 15 minutes. It can be used in an inpatient or outpatient setting and incorporated into MAT or abstinence treatment plans.

Effective treatment of opioid withdrawal symptoms helps to stabilize patients and sets the stage for motivating patients to discontinue opioid dependence and enter longer term treatment.

Cost of Patients Leaving Treatment

The number one reason patients abandon treatment prematurely is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. Patients with OUD leave treatment against medical advice (AMA) approximately 30% of the time – causing a negative impact on a facility’s bottom line.

Patient intake is the largest part of inpatient treatment costs. When a patient leaves early, relapses, and is readmitted, overall cost of treatment begins to skyrocket. Early and rapid control of withdrawal symptoms is critical for treatment success and lowering the overall cost of treatment.

S.T. Genesis helps to improve facility operational efficiencies and total cost of care by reducing the number of patients leaving treatment AMA.

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Opioid withdrawal symptoms managed by S.T. Genesis may include:

Muscle and stomach cramps
Joint Pain
Increased heart rate
Difficulty sleeping

Watch how easily the S.T. Genesis is applied and how quickly it begins to work.

Provider training:
Speranza Therapeutics provides individualized training to healthcare professionals either remotely or in person.

Clinically Proven, Evidence-Based Results for Treatment Efficacy

Studies of S.T. Genesis effectiveness demonstrate rapid response and significant improvement in opioid withdrawal symptoms at their most critical and severe point. Study data has shown reduction of 63% in Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) scores within 20 minutes and drastic reduction of 93% within 1 hour of treatment initiation.

S.T. Genesis is intended for use for 5 consecutive days after application.  It is FDA-cleared for the reduction of opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Opioid Withdrawal Before and After S.T. Genesis Placement

The Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale is a clinician-administered, pen-and-paper instrument that rates eleven common opiate withdrawal signs and symptoms. The summed score can be used to assess a patient’s level of opiate withdrawal.

The First Step in Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

It’s important to note that the S.T. Genesis device is not a cure. The opioid withdrawal management provided by S.T. Genesis is not a standalone treatment for opioid use disorder. It does provide uninterrupted treatment for 5 days, allowing the patient to transition through the first critical days of detox and may serve as a pathway from successful detox to complete recovery. However, a post-detoxification care plan is required to avoid relapse.