About Us

What We Do

We distribute and clinically support innovative drugs and medical devices requiring FDA approval or clearance, targeting patients whose chronic illnesses and debilitating conditions are not being effectively addressed.


Our Guiding Principle Is Simple

To remove the inherent challenges in delivering treatment to patients in need through proven, clinically effective therapeutics and technology.

Our History

The executive team of Speranza Therapeutics previously founded BiologicTx®, a change agent company at the forefront of leading drug therapeutics and clinical decision-making technologies. While at BiologicTx®, we made difficult solid organ transplant therapies available. We also developed therapeutic software to manage clinical outcomes as well as paired donation software to match kidney transplant candidates. This resulted in hundreds of successful transplants that otherwise would have not been accomplished. We’ve used the same pragmatic approach to solving complex medical challenges to create Speranza Therapeutics.

Meet the Executive Team

These experienced healthcare providers and executives are bringing life-changing drug therapeutics and clinical technologies to the forefront.