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Does Fear of Opioid Withdrawal Paralyze You or Someone You Love Dealing With Addiction?
The fear of withdrawal can be overwhelming. It may be preventing you or someone you love from committing to the detox process. Unmanaged withdrawal symptoms may lead to abandoning treatment early and leaving against medical advice — disappointing those who love and support them. A new detox device is available to help jump-start treatment by relieving opioid withdrawal symptoms.

S.T. Genesis: A New Way to Deal With Withdrawal

An FDA-cleared drug-free, noninvasive treatment device that rapidly reduces the physical and emotional strain of withdrawal experienced when opioid use is stopped.

Relief in Minutes Not Hours or Days

Patients can feel the device working immediately. Clinical evidence shows an average withdrawal symptom reduction of 93% within the first hour after application of the S.T. Genesis device, most of which occurs within the first 20 minutes.

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We’ve prepared a handy guide that explains S.T. Genesis in more detail.

Opioid withdrawal symptoms managed by S.T. Genesis may include:

Muscle and stomach cramps
Joint Pain
Increased heart rate
Difficulty sleeping

Watch this video to see an example of how S.T. Genesis is used and applied.

How It Works

S.T. Genesis is an FDA-cleared, neuromodulation device. Neuromodulation is technology that acts directly with nerves. Certain nerves create many of the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. By applying direct stimulation to these nerves, S.T. Genesis may provide a rapid reduction in symptoms compared to traditional medications. It offers consistent relief for the duration of its 5-day use. The device uses nerve stimulation to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Applied to the patient’s ear by a provider, the device sends pulses to selected nerves that affect withdrawal symptoms.

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S.T. Genesis can be applied by any provider.  Speranza has trained hundreds of providers across the US and we are continually adding new providers at addiction centers and private practices.

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The First Step in Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

It’s important to note that the S.T. Genesis device is not a cure. The opioid withdrawal management provided by S.T. Genesis is not a standalone treatment for opioid use disorder. It does provide uninterrupted treatment for 5 days, allowing the patient to transition through the first critical days of detox and may serve as a pathway from successful detox to complete recovery. However, a post-detoxification care plan is required to avoid relapse.