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Our executive team is comprised of experienced healthcare providers and executives who have successfully brought leading drug therapeutics and clinical decision-making technologies to the forefront.

Executive Team

Sal J. Rafanelli, RPh

President & CEO

For the past 27 years, Sal J. Rafanelli, RPh, has built a career on his passion for providing excellent patient care and creating innovative companies. His specializations are scalability, revenue growth, and specialty pharmacy. Throughout his career, Mr. Rafanelli has been involved with specialty and infusion related pharmacies including Walgreens/Express Scripts, Caremark, and BioScrip. He was also a founding member of an infusion company called American Disease Management Associates (ADIMA) that was purchased by BioScrip in August 2000, serving as the Director of Clinical Operations. Through innovation and creativity, Mr. Rafanelli was an instrumental part of ADIMA’s growth into a leading specialty and home infusion pharmacy that produced successive monthly revenue growth along with positive earnings for consecutive years since its inception. He also built and ran the BioScrip infusion division for eight years and grew it organically, leading to major net revenue for the company. Mr. Rafanelli was then promoted to President of the east coast division of BioScrip, where he led a team that built five additional sites and developed innovative patient focused programs that tripled revenue organically in the region.

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Mr. Rafanelli has a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences in Boston, Massachusetts and has completed his internship and clinical clerkship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Mt. Auburn Hospital. He also attended the University of Illinois at Chicago Pharm D program.

After holding management and executive positions with some of the top specialty and infusion pharmacies in the industry, Sal J. Rafanelli, RPh, founded BiologicTx® with his two partners, Darrin Carrico and Todd Krasinsky, RN, and assumed the role as CEO. It was again through innovation and creativity that Mr. Rafanelli and his team created patient protocols that included a digital health platform that changed the way kidney transplant patients are cared for today. The outpatient protocols and digital health platform are still continuing to produce positive patient outcomes and have become the standard of care for transplant patients in today’s environment. BiologicTx merged with a company called Matrix to create BioMatrix, which was purchased by a private equity company. Mr. Rafanelli assumed the role of COO post-merger and was number two on the executive team which encompassed running both infusion and specialty related pharmacy services for BioMatrix. He remains an equity partner in Biomatrix and is an active member of the BioMatrix board.

At Speranza Therapeutics, Sal is our CEO/President based out of Northern New Jersey. In his role, creativity and innovation remain the theme. Sal will continue to explore and drive the introduction of new products that focus on key disease states largely ignored or not completely remedied. These new products will offer hope and provide options for patients in lieu of the current standard of care that is offered today.

973-557-1367  |  SRafanelli@speranzatherapeutics.com

Todd Krasinsky, RN

Chief Strategy Officer

Todd Krasinsky, RN, has dedicated himself to the progression of medicine and improving patient care for almost 25 years. After graduating from Mattatuck College of Nursing in Waterbury, CT and studying Business Management at Post University in Waterbury, CT, Mr. Krasinsky began his career as an acute care nurse in emergency medicine and intensive care and then advanced to become an administrator in nursing management. Following that, he joined BioScrip as the IVIg Product Sales Support Manager and created a niche market for specialty infusion. He became the leader of IVIg therapy sales in the specialty therapy market and formed new territories to expand business development initiatives.

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Looking to take his experience in strategic sales management in home infusion therapies, healthcare administration, clinical nursing practices, and national business development to the next level, Todd Krasinsky, RN, founded BiologicTx® with his two partners, Darrin Carrico and Sal J. Rafanelli, RPh. He assumed the role of Chief Development Officer and was responsible for identifying the need for clinical expertise in solid organ transplantation. His commitment to BiologicTx® and its sales force, brought the company to the forefront as a premiere national transplant therapy management company. His effort drove new market development within the areas of Transplantation, Clinical Data Management, Clinical Trials, and Kidney Paired Donation. BiologicTx merged with a company called Matrix to create BioMatrix, which was bought by a private equity company. Mr. Krasinsky remains an equity partner in Biomatrix and is an active member of the BioMatrix board.

At Speranza Therapeutics, Todd is our Chief Strategy Officer based out of Connecticut where he lives with his wife and four children. His passion, to make a difference in the lives of patients and families, is what drives him each and every day.

860-637-4067  |  TKrasinsky@SperanzaTherapeutics.com

Joe Bissonnette, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph C. Bissonnette’s extensive background covers 42 years in the accounting, tax and business consulting fields. For the first 15 years of his career, he focused on audit, controllerships and financial management positions in various industries prior. Mr. Bissonnette later founded his own firm and remains the sole owner of Joseph C. Bissonnette & Co. CPAs, and a partner at Audibert, Bissonnette & Co. CPAs. His specific expertise lies in the areas of financial analysis and business planning, tax and accounting issues, and management consulting. Mr. Bissonnette graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and taxation.

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At Speranza Therapeutics, Mr. Bissonnette has been an integral part of the planning, startup, and implementation of accounting, tax and management systems to date. He is actively involved in the management and oversight of all financial planning and tax areas of the company.

Scott Kalcic

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Kalcic has more than 25 years of information technology management and consulting experience with extensive knowledge in IT operations management, systems implementation, security, and regulatory compliance. Mr. Kalcic studied Business Management and Info Systems Programming at Purdue University and started his professional career at Price Waterhouse (PW) where he worked in internal accounting. While at PW he had the opportunity to assist in the management of their departmental network server system. This fueled his enthusiasm to become a certified network engineer and led to a successful career as a senior-level information technology executive.

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Mr. Kalcic’s career accomplishments include a lead network consulting role in the migration of data at Caremark after their acquisition of a mail-order pharmacy in Culver City, CA, divisional management of an electronic software deployment group at Ernst & Young that included the western third of the US and more than 35 locations in 17 states, operational management for a full data center build and staff reorganization at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, senior project advisory and staff provisioning for a 40+ location multinational IT rollout that consisted of the entire network (ISP, Infrastructure, Desktop, Staffing) for Rotadyne, and senior project management for the deployment of a claims processing system at West Virginia Mutual Insurance. Mr. Kalcic also owns an IT consulting firm that specializes in managed services and security consulting. Prior to joining Speranza, he held a leadership role for a PCI audit engagement at Marriott Vacations Worldwide in Orlando, Fl.

Mr. Kalcic joined Mr. Rafanelli, Mr. Carrico, and Mr. Krasinsky at BiologicTx® in the companies’ earliest stages. He managed overall information technology operations. He successfully led the implementation of a full series of HIPAA compliant systems and technical policies as well as assisted in obtaining URAC compliance. BiologicTx merged with a company called Matrix to create BioMatrix, which was bought by a private equity company. He held an integral role in the combination of information technology systems and policies post-merger.

At Speranza Therapeutics, Mr. Kalcic is our Chief Technology Officer based out of Illinois where he lives with his wife and two children. He is motivated by his desire to leverage best-of-class technology solutions to ensure ongoing improvement in the patient’s treatment experience.

561-725-3593  |  SKalcic@speranzatherapeutics.com

Dr. Arturo C. Taca, MD

Medical Director

As a psychiatrist and addictionologist, Dr. Arturo Taca has long been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for persons struggling with mental health issues such as addiction and treatment-resistant depression.

Dr. Taca graduated from The University of the East Medical School in Manila, Philippines and completed his psychiatric residency training at St. Louis University School of Medicine, where he was the Chief Resident of the Department of Psychiatry. He is adjunct faculty at St. Louis University and continues to teach and supervise residents and medical students. Dr. Taca is also involved in the newly formed Addiction Medicine Fellowship at St. Louis University through the Department of Family Medicine.

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Dr. Taca is triple board-certified and is a Diplomate in Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, and Preventative Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Taca is a distinguished Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), where he served as the president of ASAM – Midwest Chapter. Before his presidency, he was elected to the Executive Board of American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as alternate Regional Director for Region VII which covers the 7 states of AR, OK, KS, LA, MO, NE, and TX.

Currently, Dr. Taca is the Medical Director of INSynergy Treatment Center in St. Louis, Missouri. He founded INSynergy in response to a dire need to provide effective, evidence-based, and cost-effective treatment solutions for motivated persons struggling with addictions. Dr. Taca and his team at INSynergy were instrumental in developing a unique protocol using a percutaneous nerve stimulator, the NSS-2 Bridge, to reduce symptoms of opioid withdrawal. FDA cleared, the NSS-2 Bridge was the first device of its kind for the specific use of helping reduce symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Dr. Taca first introduced TMS services to the St. Louis area in 2014, though interest in the field of neurostimulation began in the early 2000s when he was involved in the Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) trials at St. Louis University School of Medicine. TMS is currently approved for Major Depression and OCD and is being studied in opioid addiction, bipolar depression, and other psychiatric conditions. Cranial nerve stimulators such as the NSS-2 Bridge, Drug Relief, and S.T. Genesis are FDA cleared to be used in opioid withdrawal and chronic pain. Vagus nerve stimulators have been approved for the treatment of Major Depression and Epilepsy. Dr. Taca believes that these new neurostimulation treatments will play a major role in difficult-to-treat neuropsychiatric conditions.

In addition to his board certifications, Dr. Taca was voted one of the “Best Doctors of America in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry” by his peers. Only 5% of all doctors in the U.S. are recognized with this distinction and are selected by a consensus of more than one million votes cast by doctors across the country. He has been a “Best Doc” since 2009.

At Speranza Therapeutics, Dr. Taca oversees all the clinical operations and will join the executive leadership in continuing to research and develop innovative products and services. He will also lead efforts in clinical strategy and work with Board of Directors and Advisors on prescribing guidelines and best practices.

636-489-1361  |  ataca@speranzatherapeutics.com

Vaughn Bell, MDiv

Senior Vice President, Growth Strategy

Vaughn Bell, MDiv has been dedicated to the addiction and mental health industry for all of her 35 years in the behavioral health industry. Following her graduation from Samford University with a degree in Psychology she completed her Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. While working on her Master’s degree, Ms. Bell worked in inpatient treatment settings with Adolescent substance abuse patients and found her passion helping others find help from addiction, trauma and mental health issues. After receiving certifications in alcohol and drug counseling and marriage and family therapy Ms. Bell worked in a number of psychiatric hospitals within the National Medical Enterprise and Charter Behavioral Health System working directly with clients in counseling and ultimately overseeing the hospital admissions functions, outpatient services, and ultimately marketing and business development. She spent the next 10 years overseeing marketing in sales over multiple hospitals across the country, growing to an oversight of 25 facilities while at Charter Behavioral health across the southeast and Midwest.

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As her career expanded over the next 20 years, Ms. Bell has overseen the marketing and business development functions at multiple companies including Behavioral healthcare corporation, Springstone, Elements Behavioral health, Odyssey Behavioral Health, Landmark Recovery and Pinnacle Treatment Centers. Her national footprint across the country gives her an extensive network and knowledge of the Treatment field and she is well versed in census management and has led multiple sales teams to achieve and surpass census and EBIDTA goals year after year while assuring clinically sound care is delivered to all patients.

Ms. Bell’s healthcare experience also encompasses several years in the health insurance industry working in Operations as the Account Service Director at Humana, as well as a stint as the Chief Marketing Officer of InnovaTel Telepsychiatry. Ms. Bell’s broad experience across the healthcare spectrum makes her uniquely qualified to lead business development and sales efforts in her role as SVP of Growth Strategy with Speranza. Ms. Bell was immediately drawn to the innovative treatment approach afforded to opioid patients with the S.T.Genesis and is able to use her extensive clinical knowledge and national network to bring a new and exciting detox device to help relief the pain and suffering of those she has worked for 30 years to help find recovery. She brings a knowledge of both treatment and successful recovery to her passion for the patients and families we serve.

502-500-2937  |  vbell@speranzatherapeutics.com

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