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Our executive team is comprised of experienced healthcare providers and executives who have successfully brought leading drug therapeutics and clinical decision-making technologies to the forefront.

Executive Team

Sal J. Rafanelli, RPh

President & CEO

Sal Rafanelli is a visionary health care Executive Leader with a multifaceted background as a Pharmacist, Serial Entrepreneur, and Healthcare Innovator. With a deep-rooted passion for revolutionizing the healthcare landscape, Sal has consistently embarked on entrepreneurial journeys aimed at addressing critical issues within the pharmaceutical / medical device industry related to clinical outcomes as well as the delivery of better care to patients in an efficient cost-effective model. His companies have focused on extensive expertise in drug protocol development, Pharmacoeconomics, drug delivery, clinical care, and patient experience enhancement has significantly reshaped the way healthcare is delivered.

Sal's impressive track record speaks for itself, as he has successfully founded and led three distinct companies within the infusion and specialty pharmacy sector. Through his unwavering dedication and strategic acumen, he not only pioneered solutions that transformed drug delivery and patient care but also navigated these companies to remarkable financial success. With a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit, Sal orchestrated the strategic sale of all three ventures to either public corporations or private equity firms, amassing an impressive cumulative valuation exceeding $220 million.

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Sal Rafanelli’s extraordinary journey stands as a testament to his indomitable drive, innovative mindset, and profound impact on reshaping the healthcare landscape for the better.

973-557-1367  |  SRafanelli@speranzatherapeutics.com

Joe Bissonnette, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph C. Bissonnette’s extensive background covers 42 years in the accounting, tax and business consulting fields. For the first 15 years of his career, he focused on audit, controllerships and financial management positions in various industries prior. Mr. Bissonnette later founded his own firm and remains the sole owner of Joseph C. Bissonnette & Co. CPAs, and a partner at Audibert, Bissonnette & Co. CPAs. His specific expertise lies in the areas of financial analysis and business planning, tax and accounting issues, and management consulting. Mr. Bissonnette graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and taxation.

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At Speranza Therapeutics, Mr. Bissonnette has been an integral part of the planning, startup, and implementation of accounting, tax and management systems to date. He is actively involved in the management and oversight of all financial planning and tax areas of the company.

Scott Kalcic

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Kalcic has more than 25 years of information technology management and consulting experience with extensive knowledge in IT operations management, systems implementation, security, and regulatory compliance. Mr. Kalcic studied Business Management and Info Systems Programming at Purdue University and started his professional career at Price Waterhouse (PW) where he worked in internal accounting. While at PW he had the opportunity to assist in the management of their departmental network server system. This fueled his enthusiasm to become a certified network engineer and led to a successful career as a senior-level information technology executive.

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Mr. Kalcic’s career accomplishments include a lead network consulting role in the migration of data at Caremark after their acquisition of a mail-order pharmacy in Culver City, CA, divisional management of an electronic software deployment group at Ernst & Young that included the western third of the US and more than 35 locations in 17 states, operational management for a full data center build and staff reorganization at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, senior project advisory and staff provisioning for a 40+ location multinational IT rollout that consisted of the entire network (ISP, Infrastructure, Desktop, Staffing) for Rotadyne, and senior project management for the deployment of a claims processing system at West Virginia Mutual Insurance. Mr. Kalcic also owns an IT consulting firm that specializes in managed services and security consulting. Prior to joining Speranza, he held a leadership role for a PCI audit engagement at Marriott Vacations Worldwide in Orlando, Fl.

Mr. Kalcic joined Mr. Rafanelli, Mr. Carrico, and Mr. Krasinsky at BiologicTx® in the companies’ earliest stages. He managed overall information technology operations. He successfully led the implementation of a full series of HIPAA compliant systems and technical policies as well as assisted in obtaining URAC compliance. BiologicTx merged with a company called Matrix to create BioMatrix, which was bought by a private equity company. He held an integral role in the combination of information technology systems and policies post-merger.

At Speranza Therapeutics, Mr. Kalcic is our Chief Technology Officer based out of Illinois where he lives with his wife and two children. He is motivated by his desire to leverage best-of-class technology solutions to ensure ongoing improvement in the patient’s treatment experience.

561-725-3593  |  SKalcic@speranzatherapeutics.com

Melanie Rosenblatt, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Melanie Rosenblatt, MD, is a distinguished expert renowned for her invaluable contributions to the field of medicine and the legal domain. With a profound understanding of both medical science and law, Dr. Rosenblatt has become an indispensable resource in the fight against the opioid crisis. Serving as an expert consultant for esteemed organizations such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and major players within the Pharmaceutical Industry, she has played a pivotal role in the national opioid litigation. Dr. Rosenblatt's expertise in pharmacology, pain management, and addiction has been instrumental in providing crucial insights and evidence during high-profile legal proceedings. Her unwavering dedication to promoting public health, preventing substance abuse, and seeking justice has earned her widespread recognition as a leading authority in the battle against the opioid epidemic.

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Her exceptional dedication to patient care, combined with her extensive expertise in pain management and addiction treatment, have led to her board certifications in Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine, and Addiction Medicine, earning her widespread recognition as a leading figure in the medical community.


Shelley Halligan, DNP, MSN, PMHNP-BC

Executive Clinical Consultant

Shelley Halligan, DNP, MSN, PMHNP-BC is an experienced psychiatric nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the field of addiction medicine. She is currently the Executive Clinical Consultant for Speranza Therapeutics focusing on medical trials, research opportunities, and growth. Her extensive knowledge and experience have allowed her many research opportunities and publications with Yale, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Emory University. Dr Halligan is a subject matter expert in the area of detox and medical conditions that accompany substance use disorder. Dr Halligan has dedicated her career to focus on addiction medicine and working with organizations whose mission is focused on treatment with long standing results for the patients and families. Dr Halligan is a person in long term recovery, so she can speak both languages of patient and provider. Dr Halligan is an expert speaker and has been featured in many publications, podcast, and television appearences. She practices a holistic, harm reduction, client centered approach to treating addiction.

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Dr Halligan is a very proud mother of her daughter Zoë and a cat name Vinny. She lives in Connecticut and enjoys traveling, cycling, sports, the beach, dancing, and spending time with her family and friends.



Rob Philo

Vice President Payer Relations

Patient access to U.S. healthcare has always been at the front and center of Rob’s career. He spent the recent 25 years securing access to care to improve the well-being of the patient in executive roles in organ transplant and opioid dependence. Rob was head of Market Access at Indivior (9 years) and Veloxis (7 years). Since his days overseeing payer access strategy for opioid use disorder, Rob’s ideals have always placed the patient at the forefront of every decision. He firmly believes in OUD as a disease, and he accepts all challenges to improve a patient's life in treatment.

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Rob began his work at Speranza Therapeutics in September 2023 and is very accepting of the challenges with access to care for all OUD treatment options. Rob has been in healthcare for 28 years. Rob has a B.A degree from the University of Tennessee.


Key Opinion Leaders

Flora Sadri-Azarbayejani

Flora Sadri-Azarbayejani, D.O., MPH, FAAFP, FASAM

Flora Sadri-Azarbayejani's journey in the field of healthcare began at Boston University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering. Her thirst for knowledge and commitment to making a difference led her to complete a remarkable educational journey, culminating in her becoming a prominent medical professional.
After her undergraduate studies, Dr. Sadri-Azarbayejani pursued dual master's degrees at Boston University, specializing in epidemiology and biostatistics, and medical science. She then attained her doctorate in medicine from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, showcasing her dedication to a well-rounded education in the medical field.
Dr. Sadri-Azarbayejani's professional career commenced as an epidemiologist in infectious disease at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Her expertise in this critical area laid the foundation for her future contributions to public health.

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Following her successful work as an epidemiologist, she transitioned into the role of a family physician at The Community Health Center of Franklin County. Her dedication and expertise were quickly recognized, leading her to be appointed as the Chief Medical Officer, a position she excelled in.
Not content with the status quo, Dr. Sadri-Azarbayejani decided to expand her horizons and work closely with the recovery community. She started as a physician at CleanSlate Centers, where her compassionate approach to patient care made a significant impact. Her journey continued as she joined the leadership team at Promises Behavioral Health, showcasing her leadership abilities and commitment to bettering healthcare services.
One of the pivotal moments in her career was her involvement in the establishment of a new Withdrawal Management facility and residential program at Psyclarity Health. Dr. Sadri-Azarbayejani’s vision and leadership played a crucial role in providing essential services to those in need.
Currently, Dr. Sadri-Azarbayejani serves as an Addiction specialist at Lowell Community Health Center, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to helping those struggling with addiction. Simultaneously, she holds the esteemed position of Medical Director at Swift River, both institutions based in Massachusetts. Her dedication to addiction care is evident through her multiple roles.
Dr. Sadri-Azarbayejani is double boarded in both family and addiction medicine and is active and engaged member of various medical societies, including the Massachusetts Medical Society, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Her expertise and passion for her field are further exemplified by her publication in AAFP News, where she details how family medicine can take a leading role in addiction care efforts.
Flora Sadri-Azarbayejani’s illustrious journey from a graduate in biomedical engineering to a distinguished medical professional is marked by her unwavering dedication to healthcare and her tireless commitment to improving the lives of those she serves. Her contributions to the medical community and her advocacy for addiction care make her a standout figure in the field.

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