Celebrating National Recovery Month

Sponsored by Faces & Voices of Recovery and celebrated across the country, September is National Recovery Month. This year, Faces & Voices of Recovery adopted the permanent tagline “Every Person. Every Family. Every Community.”  Events are taking place to celebrate the success stories of those in recovery and acknowledge the work of the people managing their care. A list of these events can be found on the Recovery Month website.

In addition, National Recovery Month is organized to promote new evidence-based treatments and recovery practices. Speranza Therapeutics is proud to be a member of the scientific community working to revolutionize the way recovery is managed.

A New Solution to Begin the Recovery Journey
Speranza Therapeutics was founded with the vision to bring new medical products to the market to address unmet needs. The founders set out to find unique clinical solutions for diseases and conditions that have been largely ignored. Joining the community of innovators working to advance opioid recovery, the company developed a new way to bridge that gap between addiction and long-term recovery by offering a way to manage opioid withdrawal symptoms through detox. As an alternative to traditional detox management with the use of medication, the S.T. Genesis device provides a tool to calm opioid withdrawal symptoms differently and more efficiently.

Patients seeking recovery know the horrors of detoxing from addictive opioids. Many have attempted the process previously or have watched others go through it.  The extreme pain of the physical symptoms (nausea, hot and cold sweats, joint aches, vomiting, increased heart rate), lack of sleep, and intense levels of anxiety are the primary reason for leaving treatment. Through the drug-free, noninvasive neurostimulation device, S.T. Genesis, these intense withdrawal symptoms can be managed and allow patients to transition into recovery treatment. By targeting the nerves that control these symptoms, this device offers focus, sleep, and a reduction in anxiety which encourages patients to engage in the next steps of treatment effectively.

Offering Hope for Recovery
S.T. Genesis received FDA clearance to reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms in 2018. Since 2019, Speranza has worked to get the innovative technology of S.T. Genesis in the hands of treatment providers to help fight the opioid crisis. As the country celebrates National Recovery Month, Speranza is focused on making sure that “Every Person. Every Family. Every Community.” has the tools to engage in successful treatment. Treatment professionals are encouraged to give this new evidenced-based treatment a chance to improve their center’s outcomes by easing the physical discomfort of detox in the early stages of treatment. Speranza is dedicated to mobilizing training staff into the community. Interested providers will receive on-site training to apply the S.T. Genesis, sample devices, a representative to walk through and monitor sample patients, continued support when needed, and reimbursement support services.

Most importantly, Speranza Therapeutics offers hope to those struggling and their families. Recovery is possible with the tools to conquer detox and set the groundwork for a long-term recovery plan.