Speranza Therapeutics Names Critically Acclaimed Addiction Expert Dr. Arturo Taca as Medical Director


July 21, 2020


Biotech company adds longtime psychiatrist and addiction specialist to bring expertise to new neurostimulation treatment to fight the opioid crisis


Boca Raton, FL, July 21, 2020 — Speranza Therapeutics, a biotech company that distributes and clinically supports drugs and medical devices requiring FDA approval or clearance, announced today that it has appointed Dr. Arturo Taca as its Medical Director.

“Adding Arturo, who has been recognized as one of the Best Doctors of America in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry, brings decades of knowledge, innovation, and expertise to enhance our opioid treatment research,” said Speranza Therapeutics CEO/President Sal Rafanelli.

Dr. Taca was instrumental in pioneering the use of Percutaneous Nerve Field Stimulators (PNFS) for opioid withdrawal, which led to the FDA clearance to be used in that space. Dr. Taca also has been at the forefront of utilizing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for treatment of major depression. Before that, he was involved with the Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) trials at St. Louis University for the treatment of treatment-resistant depression.

“His previous experience utilizing different forms of neuromodulation will be crucial as we expand our findings on opioid addiction and other difficult-to-treat psychiatric conditions,” Rafanelli added.

Dr. Taca is triple board-certified and is a Diplomate in Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, and Preventative Medicine. He has long been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to respond to the dire need of providing effective, evidence-based, and cost-effective treatment solutions for motivated people struggling with addictions.

As a graduate of The University of the East Medical School in Manila, Philippines, Dr. Taca completed his psychiatric residency training at St. Louis University School of Medicine, where he was the Chief Resident of the Department of Psychiatry. He is adjunct faculty at St. Louis University and continues to teach and supervise residents and medical students. Dr. Taca is also involved in the newly formed Addiction Medicine Fellowship at St. Louis University through the Department of Family Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Taca is a distinguished Fellow and elected board member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and has served as the president of ASAM - Midwest Chapter.

“Arturo will play a critical role in Speranza Therapeutics’ S.T. Genesis™ device, which offers opioid sufferers a non-pharmacological alternative to opioid detoxification treatment,” said Rafanelli.

“I believe that these new neurostimulation treatments, including S.T. Genesis™, will play a major role in difficult-to-treat neuropsychiatric conditions,” said Dr. Taca. “It gives me great pleasure to join this team that’s working to reduce the financial and emotional strain of those suffering from Opioid Use Disorder,” added Dr. Taca.

S.T. Genesis is an FDA-cleared Percutaneous Nerve Field Stimulator (PNFS) used as an aid to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. This powerful solution to the opioid crisis will partner with treatment centers, providing them with leading clinical technology, comprehensive protocols, patient support, and reimbursement services.



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