Part 1: Addiction, Recovery, and Navigating the Holidays

Preparing for the Holiday Season

November is coming to a close which means holiday season has arrived. For most people, this time of year brings on a mix of joy, excitement, anxiety, stress, and sadness. For people struggling with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), people in recovery and their family and friends, these emotions can be difficult to navigate, and the results can be devastating. It is especially important at this time of year to share support and resources with those touched by OUD.

Common holiday stresses can be financial strain, family conflict, the resurgence of past traumas, grief, depression, loneliness, and demanding schedules. Individuals affected by OUD are burdened with additional stresses. Depending on where someone is on their journey an increased number of obstacles exist during this time of year. This leads to increased substance use, relapses, overdoses, and deaths.

Over the upcoming weeks, Speranza Therapeutics will be sharing information, tips, and strategies to support people at different stages of their recovery journey.

Topics We Will Explore
Many individuals are in the depths of active opioid use. What can you expect of the upcoming holidays with a loved one suffering from OUD? How can family and friends support their loved ones during celebrations while taking care of themselves? Can you balance holiday obligations and getting a loved one into recovery?

Others may be early on in sobriety or years into recovery. What are the special challenges that arise during the holidays? What are the strategies for surviving the holidays in recovery? What can you do to plan ahead for a successful holiday season?

There is a heightened chance that other individuals will relapse during this stressful time. Why does this happen? How can you be prepared for this possibility? What should you do next?

Staying Positive
Join us in the coming weeks to gain insights into the challenges of the holidays, get tips for a recovery action plan for the season, and learn ways to support loved ones to seek help. At this especially difficult and often deadly time of year, knowledge and resources can help decrease the stress, relapses, and tragedies.