How to Ease the Financial Strain of Opioid Addiction

financial_strain_opioid_addictionIt is well documented that the opioid recovery process is strenuous – emotionally, physically, and financially. Opioid addicts and their loved ones must endure a lengthy and difficult process of intense withdrawal symptoms, heightened emotions, and financial strain to reach full recovery. Because of this, it is difficult for many to successfully complete a detoxification and recovery process. 


Speranza Therapeutics’ Reimbursement Program was established with this in mind, to help ease the financial burden of opioid addiction.


The Real Cost of Addiction

Opioid addiction doesn’t just affect the patient, the ripple effects impact their friends, family, healthcare providers, and the U.S. economy as a whole. From 2015 to 2018, $631 billion was lost from the U.S. economy due to the opioid crisis. The high cost of treatment puts a strain on many suffering from opioid use disorder and makes it difficult for them to escape the clutches of addiction. Nationwide, the pursuit of a better option to make the road to recovery more affordable is persistent; healthcare providers are looking for more cost-effective options, and Speranza Therapeutics has developed a plan to help.


How Speranza Can Help

The Speranza Reimbursement Program was developed to support healthcare providers in easing the burden of obtaining proper reimbursement for the neuromodulation patient.  The program offers “do-it-yourself”, preauthorization, and specialty pharmacy service options. 


Our Do-It-Yourself program offers a reference guide for providers who are unfamiliar with billing for neurostimulation devices and would like assistance in the process. Billing codes are researched and validated by a lobbyist firm in D.C. and have been deemed most accurate for the current reimbursement landscape. Currently, there are no specific codes for any PNFS on the market, but we expect to have codes for S.T. Genesis by 2021. Download our reference guide here.


The preauthorization option allows a provider to make a patient referral to our support services team. We then reach out to the patient’s insurance carrier to discuss the patient’s clinical presentation, including a letter of medical necessity and patient history. After insurance approval, Speranza Support Services will let the provider know, and they will be able to purchase S.T. Genesis.

Specialty Pharmacy Services

The Specialty Pharmacy Services option is built for providers who aren’t interested in purchasing S.T. Genesis directly and/or obtaining reimbursement for the device, and instead, would like that responsibility transferred to the pharmacist. It functions similarly to the preauthorization program, except our Support Services team will coordinate with a pharmacy rather than the provider. 


We break our reimbursement services down into these options to provide multiple methods for patients to receive the best treatment possible in a way that works for all providers. 


Learn more about how Speranza helps ease the financial strain of opioid addiction here.