How S.T. Genesis is Bridging the Gap Between Hope & Healing

st-genesis-hope-and-healingThe detoxification process is long and painful for many suffering from OUD. Seemingly minor withdrawal symptoms like muscle aches and runny noses can escalate to intense nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, and painful abdominal cramping in less than 24 hours. The quick onset and high intensity of these withdrawal symptoms make the recovery process from Opioid Use Disorder a draining endeavor, even for the addicts most determined to recover. 

That’s why we developed S.T. Genesis – to bridge the gap between hope and healing.


How Does S.T. Genesis Work?

S.T. Genesis is an FDA-cleared Percutaneous Nerve Field Stimulator (PNFS) that supports the reduction of opioid withdrawal symptoms through application to branches of cranial nerves, as well as the occipital nerves. Its placement behind the ear sends electrical pulses emitted through needles to directly stimulate cranial nerves V, VII, IX, and X. 

Once the device is applied, the therapy treatment begins and continues for up to 120 hours. The length of treatment varies by the patient’s initial COWS score, as well as the score’s improvement over the treatment period. 


How S.T. Genesis Helps Detox Better

S.T. Genesis is unique in its ability to bridge the gap to recovery through non-invasive, non-pharmacological intervention. At Speranza, we care about the patient’s comfort and wellbeing through every step of the detoxification process. While other alternative treatment measures may include heavy medication or invasive procedures;  S.T. Genesis eases withdrawal symptoms in the most straightforward way possible. Clinical evidence has shown that nearly all adult patients studied with similar devices successfully transitioned from the use of the device during detoxification to medication-assisted therapy (MAT).


How We Want To Help You 

Even for the most optimistic, the road from addiction to full recovery can be emotionally and financially burdensome. We understand it may be difficult to navigate the full treatment process, so we aim to provide as much relief as we can. The S.T. Genesis Reimbursement Program was designed to assist treatment centers and their patients in providing the highest quality of care, without the heavy financial strain. 


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